Best start = Best finish

The foundation of the LifeStart program is to create a healthy and productive environment for rearing piglets by positively influencing health, nutrition and management during the critical five phases in a piglet’s early life from birth through to weaning. A high quality, carefully selected diet during the first six weeks can increase feed intake and good health by inducing gut maturation, encouraging stable and diverse gut microbiota and promoting early maturation of the immune system.

Investing in LifeStart is about more sustainable farming and improving farm financial results. High quality nutrition in early life improves the uniformity of litters, as the smaller piglets tend to show compensatory growth. As a rule of thumb, a 1% increase in uniformity leads to a 1% increase in profit-making pigs.

Furthermore, the additional growth obtained in the first six weeks of life is sustained for the pig’s full lifespan. On average 1 kg of extra weight at six weeks of life leads to 2-3 kg of extra slaughter weight, with pigs going to slaughter three to four days earlier. The impact on farm economics is very significant as it leads to higher farm throughput and more meat produced per m2.