Feeding the nine billion

The global challenge faced by farming

With the world’s population expected to grow from seven to nine billion by 2050 agriculture is an increasingly vital industry. The challenge that farming faces is clear in terms of the global pressure for increased food production and security.

This challenge is compounded by the need for greater efficiency and sustainability. Land and water use are primary concerns here, as is the role of farming in the food chain and the need to reduce the use of antibiotics whilst improving animal production techniques.

The drive for improved welfare and sustainability clashes head on with the conflicting needs for cheap food and profitable farming. So environmentally and animal friendly methods of improving farm output are urgently needed.

This means that professional farmers, farm advisors and suppliers have a greater responsibility than ever before in helping the agricultural sector rise to meet this challenge. And by providing farmers with natural, sustainable ways to help improve the health and performance of animals. LifeStart aims to provide strong support to the industry in the years ahead.